Case Studies

New Account Acquisition Engine

Situation: This large insurance client had an extensive database of names that had previously quoted with them or had let their policy lapse. The data set was very robust and prime for a direct response program but the client had no ability to generate an indicative quote and deliver a one-stage solicitation in an effort to re-win the customer. Their current process was a traditional two-stage program, which was only generating subpar results.

Solution: Convergence Group developed an automated process that segments the database based on key criteria, runs it through a proprietary system that inputs the data into the client’s website, and collects all the necessary pricing information through a screen scraping process. In order to minimize impact on the web response time, this was done between midnight and 6 a.m. local time when web traffic was minimal. A mail file was delivered to the lettershop the following morning so that a one-stage direct mail campaign could be printed and mailed.

Result: This initiative was one of the major drivers of account growth. The previous two-stage process yielded a 1% response rate and this streamlined one-stage process generated a 10% response rate. It removed the pricing mystery, put the customer through less hurdles, generated higher response rates, reduced the combined operating ratio (COR) and provided increased pricing flexibility.