Case Studies

Outsourced Analytic Consulting

Situation: A large international insurance client wanted to evolve from a product driven to a customer centric driven culture. However, the organization lacked skilled analysts and its marketing professionals lacked experience in direct data driven marketing. An engaged analytic function was an absolute necessity to deliver timely and actionable customer insights but the entire organization had to be aligned to be successful. The client engaged Convergence Group to develop a completely outsourced, dedicated, analytic capability in an effort to accelerate speed to market.

Solution: Convergence Group developed a fully dedicated outsourced team based in the U.S. that allowed the client to accelerate their organization’s evolution toward customer centric marketing. Client data was housed in the U.S. and team members each spent significant time on-site developing the organization’s understanding of campaign design, basic statistics and best practices.

Result: Convergence Group was retained to support the shift in organization structure through world-class data management, analysis, and human capital development. Our dedicated team was able to provide:

  • Standard campaign development and management processes to ensure meaningful campaign results that led to impactful insight across the organization.
  • An analysis plan that was in concert with and supported the customer strategy and the progression plan.
  • A forum for presentation of analytic work and sharing of results. Analysis always leads to more questions and a presentation to a cross-functional audience helps ensure value is derived from the work completed.
  • Leadership to client personnel to not only develop the non-analytic staff members but also to recruit and train internal analytic resources to support marketing activities.