Case Studies

Outsourced Contact Center Program Management

Situation: A large financial services company’s main distribution channel was dominated by an online, intermediary, consumer sales network. This put the client at risk because they had no control of the customer acquisition channel and wanted to develop a direct-to-consumer channel. The strategy included leveraging their internal contact center to conduct outbound sales as well as develop a fully outsourced contact center capability.

Solution: Convergence Group designed an end-to-end customer acquisition solution that encompassed data management, customer targeting, and outsourced contact center management including script development, agent training, quality assurance and reporting. In addition, we designed a system that tied directly into the client’s platform that allowed for real time data capture and decisioning. The client managed their internal contact center test.

Result: Convergence Group provided a fully outsourced capability for the pilot. At the conclusion of the 90-day pilot, Convergence Group had exceeded client benchmarks in sales closure rate, cost per application, speed of delivery, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. We managed the expansion to include over 300 full-time agents. The internal test while somewhat successful lacked the capability to roll out to a large-scale program.